About Us

           North Jersey Alternatives to Policing Taskforce (NJAPT) is a group of organizers, activists, and artists working to create a thoroughly researched and vetted guide of hotlines and services that may serve as alternatives to calling the police in North Jersey.

Individuals and organizers use these resources and accompanying tactics to promote public safety in our communities, so that we can stop relying on violent law enforcement and practice collective care without cops. Our alternatives guides and our ongoing social media work are meant to connect and support various campaigns around Black Lives Matter, police abolition, and related social justice work in our state.

People using our resources may be actively fighting in such campaigns, or may be simply curious about alternatives to policing. Ultimately, our goal is to empower every person to participate in community care and public safety without depending on a system of policing that is designed to maintain social and economic inequalities.

Who keeps us safe? We keep us safe!

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